divine visual art collections

I became a jewelry designer and have been making my living for the last 44 years, solely from my art.

I don’t have a particular philosophy regarding my creative process. I create because I breathe. I create because I wish to add beauty to the world. I create so I can live my highest purpose. I create so I can contribute to the wellbeing of others. I create because I can. I was born to create.

I have always wanted to paint. I kept holding it in the future, saying “Someday, I want to paint!!!” The expression of paint on a blank canvas was so seductive to me…in fantasy only. The process of jewelry making is very tedious, as I use the tiniest of beads and each piece is very time consuming. Most of my jewelry is in earth tones with minimal color. So paint seemed to be a way to express color in a very unique way in my creative process. The idea of breaking out with color on a blank canvas was intimidating, yet captivating and exciting all at the same time.

Then 2013, after a life threatening illness, I decided it was time to make some profound changes in my life and….the call to PAINT took over!

“Don’t wait another minute.” I told myself! I found myself a teacher, bought my paints, canvases, and easel, and off I went! I had a painting epiphany….I will never look back!

So now I make jewelry AND paint! I love it as much as making jewelry, but I am in the embryonic stages of the creative process. I am on the path of finding my unique voice. I have much to learn, and miles to paint before I sleep!