divine wearable art collections

These albums show the breadth of my design aesthetic. I am eclectic by nature and that is expressed in the range of feelings in what I create.

Lucia Antonelli. Collections: Masterpieces


These large and complex neckpieces are the loves of my life! The more complex the better. But they must be easy to wear and have a timeless quality. I want each piece to be worn and worn and worn…no questions asked! Wear them and be in love with them. Happiness will follow!

Lucia Antonelli. Collections: Metal

works in metal

Working in metal does not come easy for me! I don’t think in metal. I am consumed with beads, so I eat, sleep, and think in beads! So these pieces are a labor of love, of trial and error, and an unknown adventure down a somewhat scary path! When each piece is complete, I feel like dancing!
Lucia Antonelli. Collections: Ethnic


Any and all component’s from other cultures make my heart sing! It is my first love when designing to use ancient talismans from other cultures that embody the energy of the souls who made them, wore them, and used them in Ceremony.

Lucia Antonelli. Collections: Bracelets


“I love bracelets. I see them as a subtle and understated form of body adornment.”

Lucia Antonelli. Collections: Easy Pieces

easy pieces

My work is very detailed and complex. This album reflects the simplest neckpieces I can make. Though they are still highly detailed, I view them as “simple” works.

Lucia Antonelli. Collections: Lariats


Fun and versatile! Tie one on!

Lucia Antonelli. Collections: Bracelets


“Fun, colorful and lighthearted, Bakelite is a very early plastic form the early 1900’s to 1960’s. It was used primarily for household products, but eventually made its way into fashionable and collectible jewelry.”